What Makes Innovationbubble’s Approach Different?

14th February 2019

Who is Innovationbubble?

You’ll often see us sharing information about our products and services through various social media channels. You might think we’re just another consulting firm touting for business. In some ways you’d be right; all businesses have to make a living. However, as a behavioural consultancy, we believe we offer something that is a bit different to the norm. We know our approach brings new value to customers, employees and the business bottom line.

We’re all business psychologists, and we’re in this field because we want to understand what makes people tick. As research surfaced about the subconscious part of our brains and the impact those thoughts, emotions, preferences and ideas can have on our actions, we were intrigued. We wanted to be able to access some of that hidden information so that we could develop interventions and programs that speak to employees and customers real needs. This passion led to us growing Innovationbubble to what it is today.

How did we get here?

Many years ago, the team at Innovationbubble developed a series of tools grounded in neuroscience research. We initially aimed these tools at the consumer market but, as time has gone on, we’ve reconfigured our online tools to also speak to employees’ needs too. After years of using our tools to gain the insights and data that can inspire change programs in businesses, we gathered a team of skilled consultants to apply those insights to marketing, branding and HR programs. We’ve developed these programs for all manner of sectors such as retail, travel, finance and health, and we design them in-house and in partnership with our clients.

What makes us different?

  • We are not market researchers. We are psychologists with years of specialised training in relation to communication, motivation, action and inaction.

  • We do not use normal market research methods. We use established, scientifically proven psychological techniques.

  • We do not take what people say at face value. We look deeper by analysing non-conscious and emotional experiences.

  • We do not just appeal to logical and rational behaviour. We are trained to uncover hidden cognitive bias and understand how to intervene against such behaviour.

How do our typical insight projects work?

  1. As psychologists, we start by using our specialist skill sets and interviewing methods to explore a selection of our client’s stakeholders to discover their thoughts and feelings around the topic of interest (after all, knowing what we do about psychology we wouldn’t want to make assumptions about anything before we start!). This has often been very insightful for both the client and the direction of the work.
  2. We then analyse the deep insights from those behavioural interviews to find common themes or words that reflect the issues.
  3. This is when our non-conscious focused Emotix engine springs into action! Our Emotix tool is a fully personalized engine. We can input words and images that reflect the interview insights we’ve gained from our client’s stakeholders to allow us to question more people and dig deeper into the subconscious insights on those topics.
    • Our tool works with images mostly. (Neuroscience research tells us that we process images so much faster than words) Once the engine is programmed, we ask our clients to share their thoughts and feelings about those topics.
  4. With these deeper, subconscious insights, we develop a report that we share with our clients explaining the stakeholder’s subconscious thoughts about their problem.
  5. We then hold an ideation session where we bring the results to life, using client material to suggest examples of behavioural intervention.
  6. Next, we work with our clients to design marketing, branding, or HR programs that speak to those subconscious thoughts, – real needs of our client’s target audience – be that customers or employees.
  7. We then help the client track the impact of those interventions so they can see the effect it has had on market growth, satisfaction, engagement and loyalty etc. As we have years of commercial experience, we undertake this process in weeks, not months, so you get the scientific rigour geared towards the need for timely results.

What’s the impact of our unique approach?

In essence, we uncover the hidden by deploying scientifically effective methods that enable us to work with client stakeholders to build interventions. We’ve had positive feedback from our clients who, in the past, have only uncovered traditional insights that speak to the conscious parts of our brains (and been underwhelming in impact). Our subconscious research has given their findings and, subsequently, their business programs a completely new perspective and resulted in much more impactful outcomes. This blog post provides an example of how uncovering the subconscious gives a whole new business outlook.


Author: Innovationbubble