What We Do

Customer Experience

Did you ever wonder why your customers don’t behave as they say or as you expect? That is because traditionally organisations only focus to capture conscious responses of consumers. However, human behaviour is driven about 80% by our unconscious, our hidden motivations, habits and emotions that guide our intuition. At Innovationbubble, we focus not only on assessing your customers’ conscious responses (i.e. what they say) but also their unconscious to find out what really matters to them and what really drives their behaviour.

We provide you with evidence based insights and practical interventions, so your business can develop more impactful and long-lasting services, products and behavioural change.

How can we differentiate our brand (psychologically speaking) from our competitors beyond the routine things such as price, quality, features, discount etc?
Why are customers saying one thing and then data shows they are doing something else?!
How do we ensure our online and offline brand experience is consistent?
How do we know if our customers are psychologically more engaged with our products or our brand?
How do we get customers to have a more positive experience with our brand/product/service?
What are the main psychological needs of our customers and how can we communicate to these needs?
How can we track our brand perception more effectively?

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