Webinar – Subscribe or Die: Why your subscriptions aren’t building loyalty

8th April 2022

Subscription models have been building in popularity over the last few years, with them rocketing during the pandemic.

But do subscriptions equal customer loyalty? And how can brands leverage emotion within their subscription models to improve loyalty and ROI?

Evolution’s eCommerce specialist Mark Garrett and Innovationbubble’s Chartered Psychologist and CEO Dr Simon Moore explored this hot topic in a webinar.

Here’s a taster of what you’ll learn:
// Common issues brands are facing with their current subscriptions
// The importance of customer insights in this type of model
// How to leverage emotion to build loyalty with consumers

Having started on the shop floor over 20 years ago, Mark rose to lead some of the most recognisable brands in retail including Game Station, Dixons Retail and Bose.

Namely, he has created innovative omni-channel propositions for brands such as Apple, HP and Microsoft, and over the past eight years has utilised his industry-wide knowledge to build digital growth strategies for SMEs.

Simon is a Chartered Psychologist and CEO with the award-winning psychological insight and behaviour intervention consultancy, Innovationbubble.

Simon specialises in bringing the latest psychological knowledge about people, their emotions, decisions and needs into a room. Making an audience consider how they might utilise it in relation to the psychology of decision making and behaviour change.

Have a look at the recording of the webinar here! 


Author: Innovationbubble