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9th April 2019

Can you trust your behavioural support?

In the 1st world, we place an excessive amount of value on education. In the US, one of the first questions someone will ask you when they meet you is…

14th March 2019

Psychology & Breakfast with a view

Innovationbubble’s Breakfast: Unpacking Corporate Culture     Corporate culture is a key indicator of predicting high performance in organisations. However, it can be difficult for companies to implement and maintain…

7th March 2019

Nonconscious thoughts rule your behaviour

When was the last time you: Got to work and don’t remember driving there? Tried to bite your tongue in an argument but shouted at your partner anyway? Bought an…

26th February 2019

Only Two Factors Are Necessary To Improve Employee Experience

Many different factors are reported to improve employees’ engagement and workplace experience, but are we over-complicating matters? Do positive employee experiences and more engagement from employees boil down to two…

29th January 2019

Is Technology Making Us Lonely?

The loneliness epidemic is frightening, but what is it that’s making us so lonely? Many people believe that technology is contributing to the problem. Recently we’ve been researching the effects…

7th January 2019

The Secret to Managing Performance

It’s 1.30 pm on January 2nd 2019. I’m trundling my way through the motorway service station with a loaded buggy and a hungry baby. I find a table and we…

7th December 2018

Why employees need mental health support

We spend around a third of our lives working. If you add in overtime, travel to and from work, and time spent away from work, but thinking about it, we…

22nd November 2018

Is Employee Experience the Latest HR Fad?

As a psychological strategy agency, new concepts and ideas that arrive onto the HR, marketing and branding scene interest us greatly. If a subject proposes to deal intricately with people,…