Psychology & Breakfast with a view

14th March 2019

Innovationbubble’s Breakfast: Unpacking Corporate Culture



Corporate culture is a key indicator of predicting high performance in organisations. However, it can be difficult for companies to implement and maintain a positive and productive work culture.

Have you ever wondered:

  • How to create a culture where employees are truly engaged in their work, and in turn more productive
  • Why despite investing in wellbeing initiatives, your employees are still not thriving?
  • Why office politics keep spreading amongst your employees and negatively impacting your business
  • Why your employees are are not congruent with your company’ values?

At Innovationbubble’s breakfast (with a view!), our team of psychologists will unpeel the psychological aspects of corporate culture and demonstrate how to go about in order to create the right culture to make your organisations thrive.


Save the date: Friday 5th April, 8-10am

If you’re interested in joining contact us at [email protected]



Author: Innovationbubble