Psychologically how do I become and keep my relevancy to my audience?

30th June 2020

If you want to predict where your future lies you have to understand your relevancy in that future state.

By its own definition relevancy relates to the quality or state of being closely connected or appropriate to something or someone. It relies on understanding your position. It requires listening, empathy and a large dose of humbleness.

Arrogance, assumption and brand ego will be the death of your relevancy.

To feel connected to something largely relies on emotional experience – we engage with things that make us feel satisfied, pleased, intelligent, useful, smug, related etc – just as we disengage with things that irritate us, make us suspicious, sad, anxious, shallow and uncomfortable.

To be appropriate to someone you need to meet their needs in terms of control, security, social inclusion, opportunity etc.
If you do not understand how you connect with your audience beyond price points, sales and offers then you will become irrelevant.
If you cannot position your brand, products or services against human needs then you will become irrelevant.
If you do not show your target audience that you are actually interested in them, that you want to ask them what they need and that you want to listen to them – you will become irrelevant.

Invest in finding out your relevancy.

Author: Innovationbubble