Must-read: Interesting consumer psychology purchasing study

6th December 2018
A consumer psychology purchasing study that I feel some of my contacts on here might find fascinating from a purchase decision making perspective. In summary the study had consumers selecting the best used car from a selection of four cars. Each of the cars was rated in four different categories (such as mileage). One car clearly had the best attributes when given proper consideration. The researchers then tested if consumers conscious (fact based) or unconscious (emotional) reasoning in choosing the best car. In this “easy” situation with only four variables, the conscious deciders were 15% better at choosing the best car than the unconscious deciders. When the researchers made the decision more complex – ratcheting the number of car rating characteristics up to 12 — unconscious deciders were 42% better than conscious deciders at selecting the best car! How complex are you making your products description? Are you including non-conscious factors to quadruple customer engagement? We have been successfully showing brands and organisations how to sell, position and communicate their services and products in this non-conscious space. Don’t be stuck in the 15% engagement space when we can help you increase your effectiveness into the 40%!
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