Nevermind the buzzwords: the importance of a holistic organisational vision

31st October 2018



Disruption in the HR profession

Over the last decade the HR community have seen their profession transforming into a much more complex function. HR professionals now have to deal with everything from mental health to new technologies.  It can be very easy to get lost in the abundance of what have unfortunately seemed to become buzzwords, e.g. engagement, wellbeing, digital transformation etc. The question is where to start and where to focus?

Forget the silos

The starting point will be to not only look at the organisational issues in silos but instead to consider them holistically. Indeed, all these “buzzwords” are connected. The issues will actually only make sense when looking at them in the context of the organisation. For instance, if your employees are not feeling well or their mental health is suffering at work, this is usually symptomatic that something else is not going so well.

Wellbeing is often seen as a perk, an employee benefit lost in a list of boxes to tick when it is actually one of the pillars of your business health.

Perhaps it’s the company culture? Its leadership? Employees who don’t feel great at work or are too stressed might be less engaged and ultimately less performant. So to make your team more performant, you would need to start to look at employee wellbeing. However, wellbeing is often seen as a perk, an employee benefit lost in a list of boxes to tick when it is actually one of the pillars of your business health. The key is to look at the employee and organisational experience as a whole.



Beyond the craze

Too often professionals get hung up on the latest HR craze and focus on one domain while neglecting the others. So-called experts give you “the best 10 methods to keep your employees engaged” and so on but no company is the same and one size certainly does not fit all. This is one of the many reasons why psychology is helpful to understand behaviours in context.

Assessing meaningful insights

The first step would be to not take anything at face-value. Forget employee surveys, 360 performance reviews and exit interviews, you need to look at what’s really going on and you certainly won’t get an answer simply by asking.

Accessing the true story can be incredibly difficult for companies, nonetheless because they are operating in their own siloed bubble. Employees are more often than not biased in their responses and fearful of consequences to actually speak up (but they might think they are not!).

A scientifically-based compass to guide your next strategy

Assessing non-conscious opinions is the key to making sustainable changes as you’re getting to the root of the problem. This in turn permits to give actionable insights.

This gives you a diagnosis of your company and shows you what’s going well and what could be improved. It is a true scientifically-based compass to guide your next strategy.

Interested about making real sustainable organisational changes and improving your overall employee experience?

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