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What are the hidden barriers to product sales?
Pharma / Healthcare

Using our unique EMOTIX© tool we revealed what doctors really thought and felt about the product as well as what they said. We combined this with PSYCHOLOGICAL INTERVIEWS to provide in-depth insight and understanding of doctors’ perceptions of the product.

One of Alimera Sciences’ new treatments was not achieving the sales expected. Based on all existing market research, the new product met doctors’ needs and was highly effective; a single dose lasts up to 36 months instead of the competitors’ 2-3 months. Alimera was confused and asked Innovationbubble to explore the real reasons for the product’s low prescription rate.

Revision to Alimera Sciences communications based on our findings. Following this change and launches in new markets, Alimera has seen record sales of the product and an increase in net revenues of over a million dollars.

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Simon and his team at Innovationbubble recently completed some research for us in selected European markets so that we could understand what our customers really think about our brand versus our competitors. We wanted to know if what they say is actually what they think. We have now combined this deep insight, with our more traditional awareness, trial and usage and detail follow-up market research. This has allowed us to identify ways to reshape our key messages and refine our communication tactics so that we can be more impactful in every channel.
Philip Haldar - Vice President, Marketing Director Alimera Sciences
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How will customers react to a potential new ticket offering and price?

We conducted PSYCHOLOGICAL INTERVIEWS with customers and prospects from different segments to fully understand each group’s deep behavioural needs, values and emotions in relation to flying and flight purchase. This was followed up by an EMOTIX© which assessed the non conscious associations customers had with the major airlines on this route.

Our research found a number of previously undiscovered factors that influence consumers purchase decisions in the airline industry for business, economy and upper class choices. These included those around status and ego enhancement, psychological comfort in terms of proxemics, assurances around hassle management and the need to switch off rather than be excited. From this we were also able to access the potential barriers and advantages of each airline brand. This was essential in building psychological differentiation for the client. Based on our recommendations, the brand moved away from ‘exciting, adventure and discovery’ towards ‘stress free, responsive and helpful’.

The findings were used to inform a new product strategy and a behaviourally constructed communications in relation to digital marketing and sales. VA announced a £1 million profit after these changes in comparison to the same period in the previous three years. It was the most successful ticket reframing exercise VA had undertaken.

Getting into the psyche of mortgage brokers. What do they really need and how does Masthaven create the products and relationships that cut through the noise?

We conducted PSYCHOLOGICAL INTERVIEWS and EMOTIONAL JOURNEY MAPPING with specialist mortgage brokers to gain a deeper understanding of decision-making and barriers of use.

We found that brokers are very much driven by the need to protect their ego and their actions reflect this in many different ways. Their ego feels comfortable and secure when three main aspects are provided by the lender – trust, human interaction and not overpromising. Interestingly, these factors significantly out weighted assumed motivators of rate and commission.

These findings resulted in several implications for Masthaven. Such as getting the basics right and majoring on them in communications, reshaping the broker-customer journey and rethinking assumptions. It also had an impact on the content and communication for their intermediary website currently being developed.

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Innovation Bubble were engaged in helping Masthaven understand at a deeper level how mortgage intermediaries make their decisions and what really matters when choosing a lender for their clients. With this deeper insight we were able to tailor our communications and touch points with greater confidence and clarity. For instance in focussing a new intermediary website project.
Jon Hall, Managing Director
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Do we really understand what drives our customers?

Using our unique EMOTIX© tool we revealed what 17,000 consumers (US and UK) associated with aspects of Ted Baker and segmented these by their underlying motivational needs.

We helped the client re-work its online and offline positioning to 1) recognise these types of customers and 2) speak specifically to the needs that influences each of them. The data on non-conscious associations was used to strengthen areas of brand communication that had previously been ‘muted’.

We helped the client re-work its online and offline positioning to 1) recognise these types of customers and 2) speak specifically to the needs that influences each of them. The data on non-conscious associations was used to strengthen areas of brand communication that had previously been ‘muted’.

The client was now able to communicate the same products to its customers but in the customers’ archetype language. The result: 21% increase in sales in the UK, and 50% increase in sales in the USA.

What design features drives consumer purchase?

We conducted a series of experiments across 7 markets, with over 2000 people. These included physiological tests in a LABORATORY setting on the effect of design on participants’ happiness and creativity. To investigate these effects on a emotional and nonconscious level, we used our bespoke tool EMOTIX©. Furthermore we conducted INSIGHT GROUPS to uncover participants’ thoughts and feelings about functional, beautiful and functional-beautiful objects.

Our research indicated that phone aesthetics were a stronger predictor of positive emotional engagement and purchase decisions than practical characteristics such as battery life or memory.

With our insights we helped HTC retarget the multi-million budget into the real customer purchase predictors enabling them to design and build comms on these insights

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We calculated that we made 9% more revenue on this model based on these insights. This work was both revealing and actionable. It moved several dials (marketing and sales) significantly more compared to the market research equivalent work
Global Head of Products
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The psychological research carried out by Innovation Bubble has unearthed valuable insight into audience behaviour for Guide Dogs, revealing attitudes and reactions we had not discovered using more traditional research methods.
- Louise Robertshaw, Head of Communications and Campaigns
Within a month of receiving the results and recommendations, CCgroup landed a major client who exhibited all the hallmarks of our ‘missing’ archetype. The project paid for itself ten times over in less than three weeks. It’s astounding what psychological insights can enable applied effectively to the real world.
- Richard Fogg, CEO, CCGroup
InnovationBubble provided Azimo the ability to really get into the minds of our customers. Not just what they say, but how they feel behave and act. The level of detail and analysis was first rate. The outcome of their work has given us a huge opportunity to build a long term brand and product strategy that will step change our business.
- Scott Williams, Global Head of Marketing at Azimo
Working with Innovationbubble allowed us to uncover completely new customer insights which we wouldn’t have discovered using traditional research techniques. Their ideas are actionable and practical and will make a real difference to our approach (in terms of marketing and sales).
- Global Head of Institutional Sales/Marketing, The Capital Group
Simon and his team at InnovationBubble came highly recommended to us. And they didn’t disappoint. They applied a very interesting methodology to really get inside the minds of leisure travellers in our core markets and develop crystal clear insights that have formed the basis of creative development for our upcoming core marketing campaign. In three words: different, creative, practical.”
- Remo Masala, Chief Marketing Officer, Thomas Cook Group
We work with Innovationbubble to understand what our prospective customers AREN’T saying, so we can anticipate their unspoken objections to a radically disruptive new way of selling luxury skincare and makeup. Innovationbubble has shown us things that we didn’t know we didn’t know, and helped us tremendously.
- Marcia Kilgore, Founder of Beauty Pie
The voice of the customer and qualitative insight is vital to making good decisions. Our experience of traditional customer researches approach is surface observations and generally unactionable synopsis. Innovationbubble gets to the heart of customer and prospective customer motivations giving us the clarity to build out an action plan that fits into our business as opposed to trying to reinvent it.
- Andy Lightfoot, CMO of SpaceNK
We’ve worked with Innovation Bubble on a couple of projects, and their insight has been invaluable. They were able to provide detailed analysis of our audience groups’ needs and motivations which we have used to enhance personas, improve our tone of voice and tailor marketing messages to reach varied audiences. I look forward to working with them again on our next project!
- Beth Hayes, Head of Marketing, Campaigns and Digital at University of Gloucestershire