Insights and Press from Innovationbubble

13th September 2018

Customer Insights Traditional Tools Don’t Tell You…

What makes a customer buy? Imagine you are branding a mealtime product for professional people. You may ask, what factors influence professional customers to buy food? Is the buyer dieting?…

5th February 2018

Why does digital transformation not deliver?

Up to 84%1 of digital transformation projects fail to deliver their expected benefits…and it is no secret. Across all industries, digital transformation is not a choice for incumbent players, it…

21st December 2017

Merry Christmas to our clients and partners!

Dear clients and partners, We’ve been busy here at Innovationbubble this past year and we would like to share some of our experiences with you. In 2017 we’ve successfully delivered…

21st November 2017

Our insights were picked up by The Times

Innovationbubble’s research with Fetch was picked up by The Times last weekend. The experiment involved a week long digital detox where we applied a multi-disciplinary method of exploring the effects…

17th August 2017

The basis of trust in organisations and brands

  In the past few years several surveys have shown that roughly two thirds of the public (i.e. potential customers) do not trust businesses; and over two thirds of employees…

8th November 2016

Keynotes from CEM Telecoms in North America

By Lea Zeller In late October 2016, the Customer Experience Management (CEM) Telecoms in North America event took place in Atlanta. The conference aims to bring Telco and cableco professionals…

2nd November 2016

NPS: It’s good…but not that good

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a simple but powerful tool that uses a single question to obtain a comparative measure of client satisfaction. Some businesses also use NPS as…