Insights and Press from Innovationbubble

26th March 2020

Social distancing or distant socialising?

Considering the human side of quarantine   As psychologists, we have been considering the human aspect of the present situation. As the UK has closed its restaurants, bars and most…

11th March 2020

Let’s not panic about anxious consumers….

Feeling the brand pinch in the present societal anxiety? Some psychological pointers that might help you understand, help and maintain your relationships with your customers. Click here to read the…

13th November 2019

New Research Shows That Customers “Trust Their Gut”

Let’s face it – we all feel pretty exonerated when independent sources from scientific research support our work. We have been helping brands for years understand that customers do not:…

23rd August 2019

Overview of the Neopic™ and Neo-Archetype™ engines

Author: Nigel Marlow   Advances in neuroscience during the past decade (e.g. Bargh et al, 2002[1]; McLure et al, 2004[2], Zaltman, 2003)[3]have demonstrated beyond any doubt that the majority of…

12th June 2019

Overview of how we can help you

Sales stalling? Retention faltering? Working in a competitive market? Customers telling you one thing and then doing another? Want your customer’s to be more engaged and focused? CLICK HERE for…

3rd May 2019

Podcast interview – Dr Simon Moore

Innovationbubble’s CEO, Dr Simon Moore, was recently interviewed by Kurtosis. Simon discussed the psychology of decision making, automation and personalising in the finance industry. Have a listen below and contact…

9th April 2019

Can you trust your behavioural support?

In the 1st world, we place an excessive amount of value on education. In the US, one of the first questions someone will ask you when they meet you is…