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17th April 2010

Video Games Improve Memory

They are marketed as an entertaining workout for the grey matter. But brain training games could actually help reverse memory loss in head injury victims and dementia sufferers, according to…

25th November 2009

Toys ‘r’ right (psychologically)!

If anything short of a new computer game from Santa this Christmas will be a huge disappointment to your child, it may be time to re-think the place of technological…

5th July 2009

Body Odour and Attraction

On BBC Breakfast news Jenni Trent Hughes Dr Simon Moore Psychologist London Metropolitan University

10th February 2009

The rules of engagement!

It is the oldest of questions. “What is love! It is a pretty thing, as sweet unto a shepherd as a king,” wrote Robert Greene back in the 16th century….

9th February 2009

Improve your dating technique

Cheek When The moment she arrives. How Go French and kiss her gently on each cheek says Dr Simon Moore, co-author of Complete Psychology. Why A recent University of California…

5th February 2009

Women use Astrology to choose footwear!

Professor Dawkins’ recent programme (Enemies of Reason, Channel 4, August 2007), has made it a dangerous time for academics to be associated with anything considered to be ‘pseudo-science’, but could…

13th November 2008

Crying is good for you

New research suggests that losing the British stiff upper lip and having a weep is good for us.

24th October 2008

Hot drinks and warm feelings

If you want someone to warm to you give them a steaming hot drink, say US researchers. People are more likely to judge strangers as welcoming and trustworthy when they…

9th August 2007

Marketing is an easy touch!

The study tested if evaluation of Aesthetic quality is influenced by tactile information and whether the evaluation process is affected more by one modality (vision) than another (touch). Tactile sensing…

19th January 2005

The Emotional Drives behind Want

As the January sales hit stores across the UK, it’s time to uncover the science behind shopping sprees. What is the exhilarating rush we experience when we bag a bargain? Do we…

1st September 2004

Colour in Retail Environments

Fifty subjects participated in a series of visual search tasks where the aim was to explore the influence of colour on visual search times for targets situated in a series…