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23rd September 2020

What does a psychological insight consultancy do?

Beyond the clichés around psychology Often when we introduce ourselves as psychologists, people imagine us in an office, our patients spread on a chaise longue, pouring their hearts out about…

23rd September 2022

Behavioural science at work: automation

Automation is changing the world of work but many of the proposed benefits can only be realised if organisational structures use behavioural science to evolve.    Companies are increasingly adopting…

1st December 2021

The Behavioural Psychology behind Crypto

A couple of years ago, the word ‘cryptocurrency’ would have conjured up images of a secretive, underground currency. Yet today we see the biggest financial institutions and news outlets in…

2nd February 2021

Understanding the New Consumer in a Covid World

  Today’s world is surrounding consumers with a continuous stream of information and technology. COVID-19 has only accelerated this, with us seeing technological adaptation that was predicted to span years…