Virgin Atlantic

Virgin is more than a flight, it’s an experience

The challenge

Innovationbubble were tasked to investigate the psychological reaction to a potential new ticket offering and price.



How we helped


We conducted over 70 psychological interviews with customers and prospects from 5 segments to fully understand each group’s deep behavioural needs, values and emotions in relation to flying and flight purchase. We compared these revealed needs and values between multiple customer groups (frequent, infrequent flyers, business, economy premium and standard flyers, leisure and business needs.


Our findings


Our research found 6 undiscovered factors that influence consumers purchase decisions in the airline industry for business, economy and upper class choices. These previously ‘missed needs’ included those around status and ego enhancement, psychological comfort in terms of proxemics, assurances around hassle management and the need to switch off rather than be excited.


New findings based on the discovery of non conscious needs were implemented to inform a new product strategy and informed new behaviourally constructed communications in n relation to digital marketing and sales.