Thomas Cook

Innovationbubble help rewrite the rulebook for holiday marketing

The Challenge

Thomas Cook had noticed a drop in customer retention and didn’t feel that traditional market research techniques were successfully identifying the problem. They asked Innovationbubble to explore the real reasons for the customer churn.

How we helped:

Using our unique EMOTIX© tool we revealed what 1,500 customers, across three European countries really thought and felt about Thomas Cook as well as what they said.

We combined this with INSIGHT GROUPS to reveal customers’ opinions, decision making processes and emotional experiences of their holidays.


Our findings:

We discovered a fundamental difference between what customers say they want from a holiday; adventure, excitement and exploration. And what customers are psychologically motivated by: comfort, security and safety. Surprisingly it was the basic things, hygiene, the towels, pillows and reception staff that were critical in influencing holiday satisfaction.


We also found that consumers are most positive and receptive when they are anticipating the holiday. This is a period that is mostly ignored in the customer journey, providing Thomas Cook with a significant opportunity to increase brand and product engagement.



Based on our findings Thomas Cook launched a new, award-winning advertising campaign and refocused their marketing activities on the anticipation phase. A new holiday planning and pre-holiday support tool will be launched across multiple countries in 2017.


“Simon and his team at Innovationbubble came highly recommended to us. And they didn’t disappoint. They applied a very interesting methodology to really get inside the minds of leisure travellers in our core markets and develop crystal clear insights that have formed the basis of creative development for our upcoming core marketing campaign. In three words: different, creative, practical.”

- Remo Masala
 Chief Marketing Officer, Thomas Cook Group