Nokia assigned Innovationbubble to explore how to best communicate with customers.


Testing consumers’ associations with smartphone ability/features (Apps, Internet Connection, Social Media, etc.) VS basic phone features (Calls, Texts, Calendar).


How can we better communicate (marketing/sales) to all audiences.



  • Psychological journey maps and interviews with representative mobile consumers across 4 markets (UK, Ireland, France and Spain).
  • Emotional experience profiling and cognitive decision making assessment around willingness to buy.

Findings: Two market segments

The research discovered and identified two broad groups of mobile phone consumers:

1)    Ego enhancers – characterised by the need to learn, discover and gather information to stay ahead of everyone to enhance status/power/reputation/ability

2)    Anxiety busters – characterised by the need to be connected, reachable and available to react to problems: This keeps situations under control and prevents being excluded from social circles


We developed workshops for the sales and marketing teams on how to engage each customer segment via targeted communications in relation to product positioning and placement.


“This research enabled our communication strategy to be much more focused and precise. It demonstrated what was important to whom on a fundamental psychological level. It also enabled our teams to tailor outward communications specifically towards each ‘need’ group. “

- Director of European Marketing