Global Money Lending Brand

A money lending brand experienced high drop off rates even though they invested in better technology and services.


The client assigned us to find out why customers were dropping off despite their service having one of the fastest response times on the market.

Our Service

We conducted extensive qualitative research to understand if and how the client could improve their customer experience. We ran in-depth interviews, psychological insight groups and emotional journey maps. We focused on both the conscious and non-conscious drivers of consumer needs and values in relation to finances.

Based on the insights derived from this research, we created and tested new potential customer journeys, using Emotix© our non-conscious assessment engine.

The Results

We identified the main reasons for customer dropout and, based on this, helped the business redesign their service to cater to the customers’ real needs. As a result, the client experienced an 11% increase in sales.

(Client project under NDA)

Their innovative, practical and scientifically rigorous approach brought new insights into the unmet and unspoken needs of customers, which have helped us to shape multiple aspects of our offering, from product features to branding campaigns. We have seen an immediate uplift (11%) in customer growth. Definitely recommended if you’re seeking an approach that’s hands-on and creative whilst focused on delivering clarity, value and impact.

- International Finance Product Development Director