Ada (Your Health Companion App)

Ada, a German medical diagnosis app wanted to expand into several markets.

The challenge

The start-up wanted to understand how to position themselves to be successful in the UK, US, India and Brazil. The business also needed to know what people thought about using an app instead of seeing a doctor for diagnosing light/common illnesses

Our work

Using the Neopic Archetype engine, we segmented the markets by the psychological values that inform and motivate stakeholder behaviours. Following this, we facilitated psychological insight groups with the dominant archetypes in each market. Emotional journey maps were created to understand the journey people go through when feeling ill.

Insights discovered during the qualitative phase were validated using the online Emotix © engine. The team also ran user testing sessions to evaluate two alternative screen images.


Example Emotix tool output: Conscious and nonconscious associated words with an image showing face-to-face consultation with a doctor


Based on the research insights, Innovationbubble was able to advise the client on targeted communication strategies for each market. Our insights also contributed to improving the app’s user experience.

Our psychological market and design insights the client subsequently won a silver lion from Cannes Player Innovation awards

We recently worked with Simon and the Innovation Bubble team on a piece of research that spanned multiple continents. Their innovative, practical and scientifically rigorous approach brought new insights into the unmet and unspoken needs of customers, which have helped us to shape multiple aspects of our offering, from product features to branding. Definitely recommended if you're seeking an approach that's hands-on and creative whilst focused on delivering clarity, value and impact.

- CFO, ADA, Europe