Global Fitness Brand

We partnered with a global fitness brand to reduce churn and enable stronger market growth.


The business wanted to understand why females aged 25-35 years of age, their target markets in Europe and USA, had high churn rates and low market growth on specifically developed exercise classes (consumer suggested via client based focus groups).

Our Service

We tested the assumption derived from the client’s previous market research findings, that the target audience thought classes were ‘expensive’ and ‘not pleasing’ in their results.

This assumption was tested during psychological interviews where we assessed consumers emotional, cognitive and identity factors that impacted on their concepts of health and exercise. These themes were then verified on a larger scale, using the online Emotix © non conscious assessment engine.

The Results

We found that, contrary to prior market research findings, the main reason of consumer disengagement was not ‘the price’. Perceived social peer expectation of exercise outcomes was a significant psychological barrier to consumer engagement.

Also, personal role management was a psychological barrier – customers perceived that they had little time to switch between work and exercise or family and exercise comfortably and so avoided these scenarios which in turn increased churn probability significantly.

Redeveloping communications and exercise class format and structure addressed these barriers. The client reported significant reductions in churn (16%) and 11% in new market growth in the following financial year.

(Client project under NDA)

Having wasted money on designing discounted classes with fun elements this new set of insights was a revelation. It helped us relocate our resources to support females in terms of their time and life role management and that they wanted simple classes in a variety of exercise areas that they could actually accomplish at home too. The psychological insights really enabled us to create powerful intervention strategies and marketing campaigns. Within six weeks of deploying the results of this work we had significant market traction improvements. Efficient and actionable results!

- Global Head of Marketing