Financial Services Brand (Investment)

The client’s assumption was that market growth had not met targets as potential clients did not trust the business with their money.


We worked with a financial services brand to understand why, despite their new marketing campaign, there was minimal market growth across 4 core markets (US, UK, Australia and Middle East).

Our Work

The team facilitated psychological insight groups and emotional journey mapping in all four markets, covering trust and financial decision making. We investigated the hidden needs and values around trust in relation to interacting with an investment brand.

The insights from the qualitative phase were validated through quantitative testing using Emotix © , our bespoke non conscious measurement tool.

The Results

We were able to define the problems that existed in the trust-relationship between the business and its customers. These insights were used to create new strategies, aimed at improving the relationship.

These interventions led to a significant increase in the client’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) and a 16% increase in new market sales in the following 12 months.

(Client project under NDA)

Innovationbubble had the ability to find what we should have known and what our previous insight work just kept missing. Not only that their insights help build change and make our consumers ‘happier’. Fascinating and a sound agency investment!

- Customer Experience Director