Innovationbubble was assigned by FedEx to explore customers’ emotional relationship with the brand.


FedEx needed to increase their emotional connectivity with clients

Client data demonstrated that pragmatic improvements such as shorter delivery time, increased payment ease and increased packaging quality did not have the desired impact on retention or churn rates.

Our work

Emotional journey maps were created with customers to understand their emotional journey with the brand. Trained psychologists observed and analysed delivery driver behaviour in their everyday work-environment.

Customers’ nonconscious needs and values around delivery were tested using the Emotix © engine.


We found a positive relationship between measured emotional expectations and trust/engagement with FedEx.

Hidden experience touch-points were revealed and added to the conscious customer service points. These interventions leveraged new emotional commitment to the FedEX brand where none existed before.

The Results

Our work resulted in significant improvement to Net Promoter Score (NPS) and increases to customer retention figures after 12 month.

Making the nonconscious influences of customer experience visible enabled us to rebuild our delivery service, strengthen our marketing and increase our NPS.

- Director of Quality and Customer Experience