CCgroup PR

CCgroup, a B2B tech PR agency wanted to truly understand who its prospects and customers are, beyond the brief.

The Challenge

CCgroup needed to understand what clients expect from an agency in their sector and how they could successfully position themselves to appeal to their psychological needs and values.

Our Work

We conducted in-depth interviews with different client types (existing, lapsed, prospects and rejectors). During each interview we used various psychological interviewing techniques to understand clients’ subconscious values, needs and drivers as well as their past experiences with PR agencies and CCgroup. The interviews were analysed on a group-level during which we identified recurring themes and behaviours. These were used to segment the target group.


Two distinct client types were identified. Only one of these types was directly targeted by CCgroup’s approach, meaning that the other type was hardly present within their existing clients database.

We defined the different client types and gave CCgroup actionable recommendations on how to efficiently communicate with each to increase sales numbers.

“We worked with Innovation Bubble to better understand the agency decision-making process amongst clients and prospects. By understanding the archetypes at play, how to recognise them ‘in the wild’ and how to manage them effectively, we’ve enjoyed some excellent results. We’ve closed large deals we’d previously have lost and commenced initiatives that are improving client retention. The insight we’ve developed in partnership with Innovation Bubble have driven tremendous value for CCgroup.”

- Richard Fogg, CEO, CCgroup PR