Innovationbubble was assigned to reveal how to better engage (reduce churn rates) and support (better loyalty and more positive experience) its customers.


Azimo needed to identify ways to fully understand what drives consumer action and engagement with money sending services and how better to serve these communities.

Our Work

Psychological Emotional Journey maps were created around money, helping and family commitment with two target groups (consumers based in the UK, sending money to the Philippines or Nigeria). Psychological interviews with people who are receiving money from people working in the UK were also conducted to understand money lending from both ends of the spectrum.

The hidden needs and values of both stakeholder groups (senders vs receivers), as well as the nonconscious associations with the client as well as competitors were identified using the online Emotix © engine.


We identified the hidden needs of each sender group – both consumer segments had different needs that were not being met. Consumers implicitly trusted the brand but did not trust the systems to send money (mobile, tablet etc).

Our insights helped redesigning system support to ensure better clarity and trust in its usage. We worked with Azimo to strengthen interactions with consumers at times when the brand is most needed during the customer journey. Marketing and advertising strategies were behaviourally redesigned to address the stakeholder groups’ real needs.

These changes led to significant reduction in churn rates and increase in advocacy.

Innovation Bubble provided Azimo the ability to really get into the minds of our customers. Not just what they say, but how they feel behave and act. The level of detail and analysis was first rate. The outcome of their work has given us a huge opportunity to build a long term brand and product strategy that will step change our business.

- Scott Williams, Global Head of Marketing at Azimo