Alimera Science

Innovationbubble reveal hidden barriers to product sales

The challenge:

One of Alimera Sciences’ new treatments was not achieving the sales expected. Based on all existing market research, the new product met doctors’ needs and was highly effective; a single dose lasts up to 36 months instead of the competitors’ 2-3 months. Alimera was confused and asked Innovationbubble to explore the real reasons for the product’s low prescription rate.


How we helped:

Using our unique EMOTIX© tool we revealed what 80 doctors, across four European countries really thought and felt about the product as well as what they said.

We combined this with PSYCHOLOGICAL INTERVIEWS to provide in-depth insight and understanding of 20 doctors’ perceptions of the product.



Based on our findings Alimera Sciences made a slight revision to their communications. Instead of highlighting that doctors would not need to see their patients for 36 months, they shifted their focus to emphasise 36 months of speedy check-ups. Following this change and launches in new markets, Alimera has seen record sales of the product and an increase in net revenues of over a million dollars.

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Simon and his team at Innovationbubble recently completed some research for us in selected European markets so that we could understand what our customers really think about our brand versus our competitors. We wanted to know if what they say is actually what they think. We have now combined this deep insight, with our more traditional awareness, trial and usage and detail follow-up market research. This has allowed us to identify ways to reshape our key messages and refine our communication tactics so that we can be more impactful in every channel.

- Vice President, Research and Marketing Director Alimera Sciences