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The Emotional Drives behind Want

by Innovationbubble | 19th January 2005 | posted to Press

As the January sales hit stores across the UK, it’s time to uncover the science behind shopping sprees. What is the exhilarating rush we experience when we bag a bargain? Do we have a biological urge to buy? Are shopaholics really addicted? Dr. Nigel Marlow, Consumer and Business Psychologist at London Metropolitan University, will be explaining ‘the…

Colour in Retail Environments

by Innovationbubble | 1st September 2004 | posted to Press

Fifty subjects participated in a series of visual search tasks where the aim was to explore the influence of colour on visual search times for targets situated in a series of cluttered distractor fields. The results supported previous findings regarding the effect of colour and showed that, even in cluttered environments, certain hues helped in…