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Why does digital transformation not deliver?

by Innovationbubble | 5th February 2018 | posted to Insights

Up to 84%1 of digital transformation projects fail to deliver their expected benefits…and it is no secret. Across all industries, digital transformation is not a choice for incumbent players, it is a necessity. Yet, the uncomfortable truth is that at the outset of a digital transformation programme, the odds are stacked against successful delivery. This…

Children of fathers who have poor working experiences have greater behavioural problems at school

by Innovationbubble | 17th January 2018 | posted to Uncategorised

As psychologists we help organisations with, among other things, employee engagement and well-being. There is a ground-hog day experience for us with many clients – educating them of the wider impact of poor employee engagement/experience. So it was pleasing to see a summary research paper highlighting these ‘other issues’, such as the finding that the…

Merry Christmas to our clients and partners!

by Innovationbubble | 21st December 2017 | posted to Events

Dear clients and partners, We’ve been busy here at Innovationbubble this past year and we would like to share some of our experiences with you. In 2017 we’ve successfully delivered projects in a number of sectors including financial services (insurance, mortgages, loans, private equity, equity release, asset management), the travel industry (most notable projects include…

The Importance of Measuring Nonconcious Perceptions in employees

by Innovationbubble | 19th December 2017 | posted to Insights

A lot has been said and written about the importance of employee engagement. It’s crucially important to every organisation – but why? And how can you find out if your employees are actually engaged, as opposed to just saying they are?   Benefits to the organisation and to employees To start with, employee engagement is…