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Merry Christmas to our clients and partners!

by Innovationbubble | 21st December 2017 | posted to Events

Dear clients and partners,

We’ve been busy here at Innovationbubble this past year and we would like to share some of our experiences with you.

In 2017 we’ve successfully delivered projects in a number of sectors including financial services (insurance, mortgages, loans, private equity, equity release, asset management), the travel industry (most notable projects include Virgin Holidays , Virgin Atlantic and, as well as pharmaceutical, healthcare and non profit clients. We have also completed successful projects in construction, distribution and housing/accommodation. Last but not least we have helped support the psychological positioning of a variety of startups.


Our work has involved using psychological principles to augment client retention, market growth, trust and loyalty relationships. We have worked in Europe, the Far and Middle East and the America’s – after all, psychologically people are more similar than many people would like to accept! We delivered an average of 2 projects per month and applied our entire tool-kit of psychological research tools including our bespoke tools Emotix and Neopic.


Our team has also grown and we are lucky to welcome Tim Dowling on our leadership team and Jessica Welch as a business psychologist focusing on the employee engagement division. After more than 4 years of tirelessly positioning and developing our consultancy, Katharina Wittgens has moved into the Managing Director role at Innovationbubble.


As we are psychological researchers at heart, we believe that sharing knowledge helps grow the industry and therefore we have spoken at more than ten conferences this year ranging from tech (AI, machine learning and semantics, sentiment analysis, digital retail, direct booking) travel (online booking, loyalty) finance (the psychology of client reporting) and telco (segmentation, automation and emotional branding). Next year is already becoming busy – we are presenting keynotes for the broadcasting industry global conference in Rome and many more.


Some of our insights have been featured in the media, such as our Digital Detox project with Fetch which was featured in The Times. As well as our work with on pricing being picked up by The Daily Mail. We have helped numerous clients obtain industry awards in their brand, advertising and customer experience work.


Overall, we had a busy and exciting 2017 and for that we would like to thank our clients and partner agencies.


As many more brands and organisations turn to the actionable and reliable insights from a psychological/behavioural perspective, we look forward to rewarding work in 2018!


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