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Dress down Fridays make us sub-consciously less creative!

by Innovationbubble | 14th October 2016 | posted to Uncategorised

Its Friday. Many of you are probably sitting reading this in less formal clothes than you were wearing yesterday. Dress down fridays were meant to represent casual wind-down and a creative end to the week. Presumably the feeling was that casual = productive. New scientific research suggests that dress down Fridays might have the opposite…

Is the non-conscious killing your advertisement efforts?

by Innovationbubble | 15th September 2016 | posted to Uncategorised

Measures of advertising effectiveness were studied from so many perspectives that it becomes hard to evaluate which type of assessment would bring most accurate results. We have invited our collaborator Laura Zaikauskaite to shed some light on to why the non-conscious should be considered when creating and measuring advertising campaigns: Today, marketers rely on different…