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Scientists and musicians compose ‘world’s safest driving song’

by Innovationbubble | 27th November 2015 | posted to Press

Scientists and musicians have combined to create what has been dubbed the world’s safest driving song. “Safe in Sound”, composed by professional musicians alongside psychologist Simon Moore, is designed to encourage “smooth breaking, accelerating and awareness of speed limits”. It is designed to mimic the “Goldilocks tempo” of the average human heartbeat (around 50-80 beats…

How Candy Crush gets you hooked – six addictive tricks

by Innovationbubble | 16th July 2015 | posted to Press

From colour theory to cultural awareness, psychologist Dr Simon Moore explains the compulsion secrets hidden in mobile games like Candy Crush Saga Casual games like Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds may look simple, but underneath those bright colours, calming sounds and flashing messages, there’s a lot of deep thinking going on. In the era…