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Our ‘Secret’ Lives in Cars

by Innovationbubble | 10th March 2014 | posted to Insights

In the 1980’s, Ian Dury famously sang about his relationship with Nina and the love affair involving his Cortina: “I had a love affair with Nina In the back of my Cortina……” (Billericay Dickie[1]). Recently a well-known car-hire company conducted a poll to discover what else goes on in cars. The poll and supporting in-depth…

Valentine’s Day: Spreading the love or minimizing the pain?

by Innovationbubble | 14th February 2014 | posted to Insights

So it’s the day when the consumption of flowers, and chocolate peaks. Love is around and abounding; we all feel generous, cozy and loved. So according to market research surveys 180 million valentines cards are sent each year. That’s a lot of consumer-led love. We give to show people how special they are and what…

The Consumer Psychology Model of Customer Experience Management (CEM)

by Innovationbubble | 10th October 2013 | posted to Insights

The Consumer Psychology Model of Customer Experience Management (CEM) by the Insight Team at Innovationbubble & Dr Nigel Marlow, Business & Consumer Psychologist Introduction The customer is King again! Customer experience is becoming a central feature of business strategy. Since the early 2000’s there has been a growing realization that price differentiation is no longer…