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Early Fridays = Higher Productivity

by Innovationbubble | 6th October 2016 | posted to Insights

Do you still finish work at 5pm or even, god forbid, 6pm on a Friday? There is a growing trend for businesses to let their employees pack up early on Fridays. Red Bull announced the 29th July 2016 to be the official ‘National 4pm finish Day’ and reports have it that Kellogg’s has been letting…

Advertising effectiveness and your emotions

by Innovationbubble | 30th September 2016 | posted to Insights

No doubt, the challenge of a marketing message is to find a most effective way to communicate information. But how could we find it?   As discussed in previous posts, some information is processed consciously whereas other information is processed non-consciously. Some information generates rational thought, some generates emotional thought. While rational thoughts are more…

Communities in the workplace and employee retention

by Innovationbubble | 21st September 2016 | posted to Insights

The workplace concept has changed dramatically over the past decades. While in the past it was common that people spent their entire life in one role, nowadays leaving after 1- 2 years is usually common.It seems as though people have lost their “workplace loyalty”. Some would also argue that workplaces have lost their human touch…

75% of your decisions are made non-consciously

by Innovationbubble | 15th September 2016 | posted to Insights

In our previous post we outlined the top three limitations of gathering large data sets without complementing them with methods aimed at measuring the unknown processes or states the customer might go through. In this post and the next week’s one, we will cover what’s really important  when measuring customers’ relationships with the brand.  …