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Bespoke Survey Design: Our survey designs reveal both rational and subconscious behavioural triggers

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Innovationbubble is a research agency and consultancy that has one simple message for businesses: “Dealing with you as an employee or a customer should be a pleasure!”

Why is this message important? Well think about it for a moment; how often do you seek to repeat an unpleasant experience? The crucial questions for any organisation are such as these: “Is it pleasant to work here?”, “Is it pleasant to buy from them?” or “Is it a pleasure to do business with them?”

bubble2These are not ‘soft’ psychological questions. These are not ’pink and fluffy’ enquiries into the psychological well-being of employees or customers. Key decision makers in a business should recognise the importance of the answers to these questions.

If your company is unpleasant to work for and unpleasant to deal with, how can you expect to be successful? All the KPI’s, ROI’s and NPS’s become irrelevant because the CORE concern in any organisation is the customer and employee experience; understood through an evaluation of affective responses; acute emotional triggers and chronic ‘atmospheric’ moods.

Our team consists of Chartered & Professional Business and Consumer Psychologists, who are trained to understand the roots of behaviour in organizations and the subconscious drivers of consumer decision making. We are able to provide bespoke tools and services for generating crucial insights into organizational and customer behaviour. Our expert knowledge of Behavioural Economics and the latest thinking on the role of emotion in decision-making enables us to provide a unique suite of services.

We believe that businesses that generate ‘pleasant experiences’ for both their employees and customers, will achieve a deep-seated success, based upon powerful psychological motivations such as loyalty, trust and engagement.